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Berkey Base™ (Berkey Light® System Options)


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Berkey Base™ (Berkey Light® System Options)

The Berkey Light systems are made and assembled in the USA.

  • Berkey Base™ is designed to fit under the Travel Berkey® SystemBig Berkey® System, and Berkey Light® System (comes standard with Berkey Light® System)
  • The base elevates the system, enabling the containers to fit under the spigot
  • Allows these systems to be placed anywhere on a flat surface
  • The height of the Berkey Base™ is 5.125″ and the diameter is 8.625″
  • Made of a durable non-BPA co-polyester
  • The 5″ tall Berkey Base™ is available in two versions:
    • Without Lights
    • With Bright White LED Lights
  • The lighted LED Berkey Base™ makes the perfect night-light, emergency light or camping light
  • The lighted LED Berkey Base™ comes complete with batteries and an AC adapter

The Berkey Base hoists gravity cleansing frameworks empowering compartments to fit under the nozzles. This enables a gravity purifiers to be utilized specifically on the ground or arranged anyplace on a level surface and takes out the necessity that the purifier be set on the edge of a table or counter. The base has a discretionary eight-light LED lighting framework. This permits ideal use amid no or low light conditions. Utilized with straightforward Berkey Light frameworks, the light radiates through the water making the beads of separated water illuminate and shine. The subsequent waves reflect alleviating examples of light onto the encompassing territory. The lighting impacts combined with the song of raindrops, consolidate to make a one of a kind and unwinding climate.

The eight LED lights inside the base are the ideal night light and the WHITE LED’s are sufficiently brilliant to give a durable low vitality wellspring of perusing light, crisis light, an outdoors light and in addition a guide for water in no or low light conditions. The COBALT BLUE LED’s are delightful and are a genuine eye catcher. Furthermore, the LED lights are directional so the base can likewise be utilized as a remain solitary crisis electric lamp.

More on LED’s

Driven lights are special in that they require little measures of vitality but then are splendid, truth be told, the LED’s can be spotted for more than one mile in dull situations. This empowers the LED to be lit up throughout the night on a solitary charge of the interior rechargeable batteries. The Berkey Base comes finish with an AC connector enabling the base to be fueled by a standard AC current. At the point when the LED’s are turned off, the AC connector naturally starts energizing the batteries. While using the discretionary Berkey Battery Adapter case, the low vitality LED’s will give light (8 hours for each night) for around two weeks on a solitary arrangement of four AA antacid batteries. Extraordinarily, you get two weeks of crisis light at the cost of one arrangement of little AA batteries. At the point when standard electrical power is inaccessible, the discretionary Berkey MP Solar charger can be utilized to revive the Berkey Base batteries amid sunlight hours for later use during the evening. The Berkey MP Solar charger additionally has its own particular inner batteries which can likewise be utilized to control the Berkey Base or different applications.

NOTE: The LED lights can be fueled by the interior rechargeable batteries (included with LED base), the AC connector (included with LED base), the Berkey Battery Adapter Case (discretionary) and the Berkey MP Solar charger (discretionary).

The adaptability of the Berkey Base takes into consideration its utilization as a long haul wellspring of lighting in situations where electrical power is inaccessible. Where power is accessible, the AC connector takes into consideration persistent utilize. The splendid LED lights have a normal existence of 100,000 hours, which is over 11 years of persistent utilize.

The 5″ tall, 8.5″ in diameter Berkey Base is made of a durable non BPA co-polyester and is designed to fit under most gravity filtration systems including the Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Travel Berkey and Berkey Light systems.


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Weight 1.500 lbs

Berkey Base™ without lights ($29.00), Berkey Base™ with White LED lights ($90.00), Berkey Base™ with Blue LED lights ($90.00), Berkey Base™ with Multi-color LED Lights ($90.00)