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Berkey Earth® Filtration Element


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Berkey Earth® Filtration Element

  • Sold as a single filter element
  • The most powerful gravity-fed element in the Filtration class, backed by independent testing
  • Filtration class: Micro-Filtration Technology. Tested to reduce contaminants to bacterial level
  • Chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, VOC’s, THM’s, heavy metals and more are easily reduced to 99.9%
  • Proprietary formula comprised of Diatomaceous Earth, granulated activated carbon and other media components, designed to exceed filtration standards
  • Each Berkey Earth® Filration Element will filter up to 3,000 gallons of water or last up to 3 years, before replacement is needed.
  • With 4 elements (in a Big Berkey® system), the 7” elements can produce flow rate of up to .­­8 gallons per hour or up to 19 gallons of water in 24 hours
  • With 4 elements (in a Big Berkey® system), the 9” elements can produce flow rate of up to 1.5 gallons per hour or up to ­­­­­36 gallons of water in 24 hours
  • Ideal for the price-conscious consumer to get started with a highly efficient filter system, at a more affordable price
  • Economical entry price affords those who would like to upgrade to the more powerful Black Berkey® Purification Elements down the road, the ability to get an effective and economical system now and then upgrade later
  • Available in 7” and 9” sizes
  • Compatible with Berkey PF-4™ Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements

It took 3 years of design and testing to formulate what we consider to be the Best Ceramic Filters on the market today. There’s no need to purchase lower costing Berkey knock-offs any longer.  Now you can have high quality filtration at a lower price which wont harm your pockets!

*Berkey Earth® Filtration Element 7″

*Berkey Earth® Filtration Element 9″

Choosing Your Berkey Filters

Upper Chamber Filters
As mentioned above, all Berkey Water Filter systems require 2 upper chamber filters to operate and these come standard with each system purchase (2 Black Berkey filters). Increasing the amount of filters utilized in the upper chamber will not improve filtration quality, but will increase filtration speed and the volume of water that can be filtered.

For example, increasing from 2 Black Berkey elements to 4 Black Berkey elements will approximately double your filtration speed and double the amount of total life volume that can be filtered; 6000 total gallons up to 12000 total gallons.

The Black Berkey filters are our flagship filters, removing contaminants to the highest of degrees, and are available with all of our systems. The Black Berkey’s also meet high ANSI/NSF log 7 standards as water purifiers and show off their prowess by being able to remove red food coloring from water.

We also now carry the brand new Berkey Earth ceramic filters. (Released Dec. 2015) These are designed to be the best ceramic filters on the market, providing Berkey quality at a lower price point. They are only available with the Berkey Light BPA-free plastic system.

The 3 primary advantages of the Black Berkeys over the Berkey Earths is the Black Berkey’s ability to remove viruses, a faster filtration rate, and a lower long-term cost for removing fluoride as they utilize the more cost-efficient PF-2 filter in the lower chamber.

 Black Berkey last approx 6000 gallons for a set of 2

*Berkey Earth Ceramic Filters last approx 6000 gallons per set of 2

*Older Super Sterasyl Ceramics last approx 1200 gallons per set of 2, or 6 months, whichever comes first. (We no longer sell these filters and they’ve been replaced by the Berkey Earth Filters)

Berkey Water Filter USA/America

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Sizes & Quantity

1 Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Element 7"($30.00), 2 Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Elements 7"($59.00), 1 Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Element 9”($35.00), 2 Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Elements 9”($69.00), 3 Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Elements 9”($104.00), 4 Berkey Earth® DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filtration Elements 9”($139.00)