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Berkey® Light System Blocking Plug


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Berkey® Light System Blocking Plug

  • Please identify the manufacturing date on the Berkey® Light System to determine which size blocking plug is required. The manufacturing date may be found on the embossing on the bottom of the upper chamber. If the two-digit number in the circle is 13 or lower, the XRP-SM plug is needed. If the two-digit number in the circle is 14 or larger, the XRP-LG plug is needed
  • Rubber plug for blocking unused filter holes in the upper chamber of the Berkey® Light System
  • All Berkey® Light Systems come standard with the proper amount and size of blocking plugs; in case of loss or damage, replacement plugs may be purchased individually
  • XRP-LG may be used with stainless steel Berkey® Systems
  • XRP-LG color may vary

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Weight 0.060 lbs

Small Blocking Plug ($4.00), Large Blocking Plug ($5.50)


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