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Big Berkey® Water Filter

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Big Berkey Water Filter

*The Berkey® stainless steel chambers are assembled in the USA from US and imported parts. The Black Berkey® Purification Elements are made and assembled in the USA.

  • The Big Berkey® System comes standard with 2 Black Berkey® Purification Elements, but can be expanded up to 4 elements
  • The versatile Big Berkey® System is ideal for small to medium families, and for use during travel, outdoor activities, or unexpected emergencies
  • Constructed of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Storage capacity of about 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters)
  • Upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 13″ in height
  • Maximum Filters: 4 Black Berkey® Purification Elements (in upper chamber)
  • System includes upper and lower stainless steel chambers, 2 Black Berkey® Purification Elements (expandable up to 4), 1 stainless steel lid,1 spigot, rubber gasket to protect the base, 2 wingnuts, 2 washers, 1 priming button, and 2 blocking plugs
  • Height when in use: 19.25″
  • Diameter: 8.5″
  • Weight: 7 lbs empty
  • For normal everyday use, this system easily serves: 1-4 people
  • Fully configured, this system can serve up to 85-170 people a day, during an emergency
  • Maximum Filtration Flow Rate:
    • Configured with two Black Berkey® Purification Elements, the Big Berkey® System can produce up to 3.5 gallons (13.3 liters) per hour
    • Configured with four Black Berkey® Purification Elements, the Big Berkey® System can produce up to 7.0 gallons (26.5 liters) per hour
  • Up to 4  Berkey PF-2™ Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters may be installed in the lower chamber of this system if desired

Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines

Labeling may vary to fulfill orders during periods of heavy demand

*Not yet accessible in Iowa or California*

The Big Berkey is our most well known and flexible model. It is perfect for home utilize and extensive families from 4 to 16 individuals or amid crises.

The majority of our water channel frameworks are intended to give purged drinking water to a specific measure of individuals. The Big Berkey water channel, specifically, was intended to fit the necessities of the normal size family.

The Big Berkey is suited to deliver enough water for in the vicinity of four and sixteen individuals. Sufficiently substantial to give abundant water and still sufficiently minimized to fit in regions that greater units would not. In a perfect world suited for home utilize and families or little gatherings. This versatile channel comes finish including guidelines and all that you have to begin refining your drinking water close to get together.

We began an unrest

Berkey author Jim Sheppard had a dream of a water channel that could take water from for all intents and purposes any outside source and deliver filtered drinking water. That vision all began with the Big Berkey water channel framework. In Berkey’s initial a very long time there were other water channels that could play out this accomplishment, however they were little, had an exceptionally restricted limit and were for the most part intended for hikers. These units depended available pumping of the water from its source and were not viable for bigger gatherings of individuals over a broadened timeframe.

Jim’s vision was to deliver a channel that would meet these requesting needs with channels sufficiently effective to a years ago without requiring supplanted and sufficiently huge to create drinking water for a bigger gathering.

The principal Black Berkey sanitization components utilized as a part of the greater part of our filtration frameworks depended on the possibility of miniaturized scale filtration. This innovation had for quite some time been utilized and the center standard was to deliver a channel with a pore structure that was small to the point, that illness causing living beings couldn’t go through and would wind up caught on the exceptionally peripheral surface of the separating medium. This was a straightforward thought that left almost no to turn out badly.

150 years back this water sifting process was a successful method for creating drinking water. As society propelled so did the multifaceted nature of the water borne contaminants that contaminated our lakes, streams and wells. We required something all the more capable, something that could expel microscopic organisms as well as new dangers like infections, substantial metals and chemicals. What Jim thought of was absolutely an upset.

Utilizing present day techniques and propelled innovation he created a channel that had properties at no other time seen. Today all Berkey frameworks utilize a similar Black Berkey filtration component. This is a similar channel that was at the core of the first framework presented and accessible in just a single model decision; The Big Berkey water channel. This stunning framework diminishes microbes, infections, unstable natural mixes (VOC’s) and trihalomethanes to cleaning principles and endures a great many gallons. Look at the capacities of our decontamination component to any delivered by any water channel maker in the whole world and you will perceive any reason why Berkey is viewed as the world standard in versatile water sanitization.

Berkey Water Filter USA/America

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