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Sport Berkey Water Bottle

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Sport Berkey Water Bottle

The 22 oz. portable Sport Berkey® Bottle is durable, handy and convenient; ideal for use when on the go such as driving, camping, exercise, backpacking, travel, and during unexpected emergencies.

  • Bottle is constructed from a non-leaching, LDPE #4 medical grade polymer, which is BPA Free.
  • The filter element is designed to remove or dramatically reduce toxic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes, detergents, pesticides, herbicides, chlorides, pharmaceuticals, petroleum-based products, unpleasant tastes and odor, silt, sediment and chlorine.
  • Uses the same filtration medium as the larger Black Berkey® Purification Element.
  • The Sport Berkey® Bottle has a storage shelf life of 50 years.
  • Sport Berkey® Bottle Refill Capacity:
    -Raw and Untreated Water: ~160 refills.
    -Municipal Tap Water: ~640 refills.
  • Do not allow Sport Berkey® Bottle to freeze, do not place in microwave oven and do not run hot water through the filter.

Berkey Sport Bottle

The 22oz. Sport Berkey Portable Water bottle is the perfect decision for an individual voyaging partner – including Berkey’s elite IONIC ADSORPTION MICRO FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY.

The hypothesis behind this advancement is straightforward. The Sport jug’s channel is intended to lessen or expel numerous destructive contaminants from flawed wellsprings of water, including remote streams, lakes, dormant lakes and sub-standard water supplies in outside nations where directions are non-existent or not implemented.

This prevalent innovation utilized as a part of the Sport Berkey convenient water channel was produced, refined, and enhanced through investigative lab testing and field inquire about. Our group of water channel specialists, field architects and research experts have built up this decontamination procedure over incalculable hours of testing and research. The media contained in the water separating component evacuates contaminants by the surface wonder known as “adsorption” which comes about because of the atomic fascination of particles to the surface of the media.

As the Sport Berkey bottle is pressed, the water is constrained through the channel. The thickness and nature of media utilized decide the rate of adsorption. The season of introduction through the channel has been painstakingly ascertained to yield the best volume expulsion of harmful chemicals and contamination caused by industry and farming. The elite channel component of this Sport Bottle is made out of our select restrictive “adsorbing” media that advances IONIC “adsorption” of poisons, for example, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, aluminum, mercury, and different risky overwhelming metals.

The “Convoluted Path” structure of the Sport Berkey’s channel component gives it its one of a kind attributes. This channel is a genuine compact Water channel and uses restorative review innovation to deliver a helpful and versatile water filtration framework.

Care and Use

Empty water into the Sport Berkey and safely fix the top to dispose of holes. Draw down the circle on the cover to expand the straw and press the jug. This will constrain water through the channel and the straw. Vacant however much of the container as could reasonably be expected. Rehash this procedure two times . This procedure flushes producing dust from the channel. After two flushes, wash the jug and top. Your water bottle is presently prepared for utilize!

Support and Storage of your Sport Berkey

The Sport Berkey Portable Water Filter has a capacity time span of usability of 50 years. When you won’t utilize the framework for a broadened timeframe, it is essential to evacuate the channel. With the channel evacuated, flush the jug with one of the accompanying:

• 1/4tsp non-scented/non-enhanced* chlorine blanch per one half gallon of water

• 50/50 blend of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and water.

Once the jug has been flushed, wash with water. Enable all parts to altogether air dry before re-collecting. Seal the jug in an impenetrable compartment if conceivable.

Try not to enable the channel to solidify. Solidifying can harm the channel and will require substitution. This channel isn’t microwave safe and isn’t intended to channel water more sweltering than 95º F.

Refill Capacity

Water From Questionable Source: 160 Refills (25 gallons)

Civil Water supply: 640 Refills (100 Gallons)

Not yet accessible in Iowa

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